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Average ACT scores by state — do colleges consider this?

Hey, I've been hearing that average ACT scores can change depending on what state you're from. But does this matter when colleges look at your ACT score? Do they take into account the averages from where you live? Or is it just the same score meaningsame thing no matter where you live?

9 days ago

In the college admissions process, the most important consideration is your individual ACT score, not the average score from your state. This is because your ACT score is a reflection of your personal academic abilities and preparation, and it's used to compare you with other students.

That being said, colleges are aware that educational resources and opportunities can vary widely depending on geography, socio-economic circumstances, and other factors. Admission officers often have a nuanced understanding of the educational landscapes of different parts of the country, and they’re trained to read applications in the context of these landscapes.

However, colleges don't typically adjust ACT scores based on state averages. If a student from a state with a lower average ACT score earns an above-average score, colleges aren't likely to view it as less valuable than a similar score coming from a state with a higher average.

Remember, your ACT score is just one component of your application and colleges will be looking at other factors as well, such as GPA, course rigor, extracurriculars, essays, and letters of recommendation.

9 days ago

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