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Hi, starting my junior year and eyeing the SAT. I was wondering, what is considered the best SAT score possible? I've heard about perfect scores, but I'm curious about what score range would be competitive for top-tier universities.

10 days ago

Hey there! The highest score you can get on the SAT is 1600, which is considered a "perfect score". This combines an 800 in Math and an 800 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.

However, getting into top-tier universities doesn't necessarily need a "perfect score" on the SAT. While scoring higher certainly doesn't hurt, a more competitive score range for such universities generally falls in the upper 1400s to the mid 1500s. For example, the middle 50% of SAT scores for accepted students at prestigious schools often lies between roughly 1450 and 1550.

That being said, remember that specific score requirements can vary from one university to another. For instance, Ivy League schools may have slightly higher average scores than other selective schools.

Of course, the SAT is just one piece of your college application. High SAT scores are great, but comprehensive application packages will also feature solid GPAs, rigorous course schedules, impressive extracurricular activities, and compelling essays. Each element offers you an additional way to tell your story and show off your potential. So while aiming for a high SAT score is a fantastic goal, keep in mind that there are many aspects of your application that colleges take into consideration during the admissions process.

Best of luck with your SAT prep and college applications!

10 days ago

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