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Need Info on ACT Test Centers

Hey y'all! I'm registering for the ACT soon and I'm not sure how to find test locations in my area. How do I go about that? Also, can I expect every location to administer all versions of the ACT (i.e., with or without writing)?

12 days ago

Hi there! To find ACT test centers near you, you'll want to start by visiting the ACT website. When you begin your registration process, the system will prompt you to choose your preferred test date. After that, you will be given the option to search for test centers either by your zip code or by city and state. This will generate a list of available test centers in proximity to the location you've entered.

As for the versions of the ACT available, here's the deal: The ACT is offered in two versions—ACT (no Writing) and ACT with Writing. Not all test centers administer the ACT with Writing, and it may not be available for all test dates at every center. During your test center search, you'll have to choose whether you plan to take the ACT with or without Writing. The search results will then show you test centers that have availability for your chosen test version on your preferred date.

When you find a test center that suits you, make sure to secure your spot early—places can fill up quickly, especially in more populated areas. And remember, keep an eye out for email updates from ACT in case there are any changes to your testing location or date due to unforeseen circumstances. Best of luck with your ACT prep and test day!

12 days ago

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