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Performance Art Schools

Hello, I'm really into performance arts and am currently researching potential colleges. Anyone here have recommendations for good performance art schools? Any tips on what to look for while applying to these schools would also be appreciated.

9 days ago

From the sounds of it, you're gearing up for an exciting career in the performance arts. There are quite a few esteemed schools known for their stellar arts programs. Here are a few you might consider:

- Juilliard School, known for its intense training in dance, drama, and music.

- Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, which has notable alumni in various areas of performance.

- California Institute of the Arts, where you'll find a wide range of programs across performing, visual, and media arts.

- Boston Conservatory at Berklee, renowned for its music and theater programs.

When evaluating these programs, consider the curriculum, faculty expertise, performance opportunities, and the success of their alumni in the industry to name a few.

Additionally, extracurriculars will weigh heavily, so ensure to hone your talent through as many performances and activities as you can. Most admissions committees will want to see that you're not only passionate but also actively involved in your chosen field. Your auditions, portfolio (if required), recommendation letters from performance arts teachers or mentors, and your personal essay expressing your commitment and love for performance arts will all contribute greatly to your application. Good luck with your applications!

9 days ago

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