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How good is an 'average' SAT score?

Hey everyone. What's the deal with the 'average' SAT score? What does it really mean to be average, and can it still make me stand out to colleges? Is an 'average' score good enough, or should I aim for more?

16 days ago

There's no straightforward answer to this question due to the different contexts that the term 'average' can understand in regards to SAT scores:

1. Nationwide Average: The nationwide average SAT score, which is about a composite score of 1060, according to the College Board's latest statistics.

2. School Specific Average: The average SAT score of admitted students at a particular college or university. This information often can be found on the institution's official website or Common Data Set. The average score will vary significantly across different institutions.

The important thing to note here is that what colleges consider 'average' differs widely, and what may be an 'average' score for one school may be below or above average for another.

If you aspire to attend a highly competitive university, you should aim for a SAT score well above the national average. For example, Ivy League schools like Yale and Harvard have middle 50% SAT scores ranging between roughly 1500-1560 and 1500-1580, respectively.

That said, a 'good' score is subjective as it ultimately depends on an individual student's details such as college list, academic goals, and the overall region they're in. I'd suggest you rather consider your SAT score in the context of the particular colleges or universities that you're interested in.

Remember, standardized test scores are just one piece of your application, and colleges look at other factors as well such as activities, GPA, course rigor, and essays when making admission decisions.

16 days ago

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