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SAT Math Study Advice?

Hey everyone, I'm about to start preparing for my SAT Math and I'm feeling kinda lost. What are some effective study tips and strategies you used to prep for the math section? Any advice would be highly appreciated.

10 days ago

Hey there! Studying for the SAT Math section can seem daunting but breaking it down and having a solid plan can help make it feel more manageable.

First, figure out your strengths and weaknesses. There are different areas the SAT Math section focuses on. They include algebra, problem-solving & data analysis, geometry, and some advanced math concepts like trigonometry and complex numbers. There are numerous SAT Math practice tests available online that allow you to identify where your strengths and problem areas lie. This way, you can focus more on those weak areas while still maintaining your grasp on your strong points.

Next, use the official CollegeBoard resources. They have a partnership with Khan Academy, where you can access personalized study plans based on your previous SAT scores or PSAT/NMSQT scores. It comes with full-length practice tests, video lessons, and practice problems. Their explanations are quite thorough too, which is an added bonus.

Also, don't just read and practice, but try to understand the underlying concepts. The SAT Math test tends to revolve around a set of core concepts, and understanding them can help you tackle any question they can throw at you.

Finally, work on your test-taking skills. This doesn't just mean your math skills, but also your timing, your ability to quickly understand what the question is asking, and figuring out the most efficient way to solve it. Remember, the digital SAT gives you about 96 seconds per math question, so practicing under timed conditions can give you a good feel for what to expect.

Remember, consistency is key. A little study every day is better than trying to cram in all the knowledge the week before the test. Good luck with your preparation!

10 days ago

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