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Help finding scholarships for juniors?

Hey guys, does anyone have solid leads on good essay scholarships for high school juniors? I'd like to get a head start on applying. Any resources or tips would be seriously appreciated!

3 days ago

You're certainly on the right track by starting your scholarship search early! Here are a few scholarships specifically aimed at high school juniors:

- The Coolidge Scholarship is a full-ride, merit-based scholarship for high-achieving high school juniors in the US who plan to attend college. One cool thing about this scholarship is that it covers tuition, room, board, and expenses for four years of undergraduate education.

- The American Legion Oratorical Contest involves preparing a speech on some aspect of the Constitution–the top prize is $18,000. They also have a number of other scholarships available, so it might be worth exploring their website.

- The Doodle for Google Scholarship is a fun one. It's open to students from K-12, but if you enjoy art and creativity, why not give it a shot? You could win a $30,000 scholarship.

To keep track of scholarship applications, deadlines, and follow-ups, maintain a spreadsheet or dedicated organizational system. Make note of all necessary documentation, essay requirements, and contact information for each scholarship organization. And remember, write essays that not only meet the criteria, but also make you stand out – avoid clichés and aim to deliver a compelling personal narrative. Remember to proofread your work, or even better, have a guidance counselor, teacher, or someone else you trust review your submission.

Even though many scholarships might seem competitive, don't let that deter you from applying. You never know what might make your application stand out to the scholarship committee. Good luck!

3 days ago

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