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How to homeschool senior year?

Hey everyone, I'm considering homeschooling for my senior year. Can you guys help guide me through the process of transitioning from a public high school to homeschooling? What resources are available and how can I maintain my competitiveness for college admissions?

8 months ago

Hey there! What a great question, and it sounds like you're considering a big transition. It's wonderful that you're thinking ahead about how this might affect your college admissions process. To get started, you'll want to ensure you meet your state’s legal requirements for homeschooling, so start by checking the specific laws in your area. Look into local homeschool organizations—they often have guides and resources you can use.

As for maintaining competitiveness, you'll want to keep a rigorous curriculum that mirrors or exceeds what you'd get at public high school. Remember to document your learning and achievements meticulously. Also, consider how you'll continue to demonstrate your extracurricular involvement and leadership, as these still matter in college admissions. Look for community-based opportunities or online platforms (like Coursera or Khan Academy) where you can further your education.

Lastly, check out CollegeBoard and ACT websites for materials on keeping on track with standard testing if you’re planning to take the SAT or ACT. Colleges will often look for these scores from homeschooled applicants as benchmarks. Best of luck to you!

8 months ago

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