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Is applying early action necessary for scholarships?

I'm trying to plan out my college application process and I'm focused on getting scholarships. Do you need to apply early action to be eligible for most scholarships, or can you still get them with regular decision? Thanks for your help!

8 months ago

While the early action deadline itself is not directly tied to scholarship eligibility at every institution, some colleges do have priority deadlines for scholarship consideration. This means that, in some cases, applying by the early action deadline may increase your chances of receiving institutional scholarships, due to a larger pool of funds available or a preference for early applicants. However, it varies significantly from school to school.

For external scholarships, the application deadlines are independent of college admission deadlines, so applying early action is not necessary. I would advise researching the specific schools you're interested in to understand their scholarship timelines. Institutions often have this information readily available on their financial aid or admissions websites. It's also a good idea to start looking for external scholarships early, as those deadlines can be throughout the year.

Ultimately, while applying early action can potentially be beneficial for scholarship opportunities, particularly at some schools, it is not a universal requirement for all scholarships. Staying informed and preparing ahead will serve you well in maximizing your scholarship options.

8 months ago

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