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What’s the avg ACT score?

Hey guys, what's the average ACT score? I just got mine and I'm not sure if it's good or not so I wanted to compare.

11 days ago

The average ACT score as of the most recent data is around a 20.6 composite score. This is out of a maximum 36 points, and it's based on the averages of the four sections (English, Math, Reading, and Science). However, keep in mind that these averages are not specific to any particular group of test-takers and represent a broad population of students.

Also, what is considered a "good" ACT score largely depends on the colleges you're interested in applying to. Highly selective colleges and universities typically expect scores in the upper-20s to mid-30s, while for other schools, scores in the low to mid-20s may be perfectly acceptable. Therefore, to evaluate how good your score is, it's best to compare it to the average scores at the colleges you're targeting.

Remember, although your ACT score is important, it's just one part of your application. Other factors like your GPA, courses taken, extracurricular activities, and application essays are also very important.

11 days ago

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