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What do colleges prioritize on applications?

Hi friends, so I've been involved in a mix of activities and I'm not sure which ones to highlight in my apps. Do colleges value certain types of extracurriculars over others? I've done sports, been part of clubs, and done some volunteering. Which of these do you think colleges like to see most, or is it more about how I'm involved? Thanks for any insights!

8 months ago

Hey there, I totally get where you're coming from; it can be confusing to decipher what's most valued in college applications. It's less about the specific extracurriculars and more about your level of engagement and what you've accomplished. Colleges are keen on seeing commitment and leadership qualities, as well as your ability to take initiatives and make an impact.

For instance, if you were just a member of a club, it might not stand out as much as if you led a major project or initiative within that club. In the case of sports, they might be interested in your collaboration and teamwork skills, especially if you were a captain or took on a leadership role. Similarly, with volunteering, the focus should be on the impact you've made and the skills you've gained rather than just the hours you've completed.

When describing your activities, be sure to focus on your specific contributions and achievements in each area. This will give colleges a clear picture of who you are and what you could bring to their community.

8 months ago

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