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Confused About AP Seminar

Hey, potential AP Sem student here! Curious about what this class entails? Does it require a lot of group work or is it more individual-focused? Also, what are the main skills you develop?

10 days ago


AP Seminar is part of the two-year AP Capstone diploma program and it's quite unique compared to other AP courses.

The course is divided into two big parts—group work and individual work. There's a significant amount of group work because one of the course goals is to develop collaboration skills. The first project usually involves analyzing a text or a topic as a group and presenting your findings. However, there's also individual work in the form of research papers and presentations.

As for the skills you develop, this course focuses heavily on research, argumentation, and presentation skills. You'll learn how to find and analyze sources, develop arguments, and effectively present your findings. The goal of this course is to prepare you for college-level research and presentations.

I hope this provides a clearer picture of what AP Seminar involves. It's definitely a class that requires initiative and careful time management, but if you're interested in honing your research, collaboration, and presentation skills, it could be a great fit!

10 days ago

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