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Can you get recruited senior year?

I'm an athlete and I was wondering if it's still possible to get recruited during my senior year, or do most college coaches recruit earlier? Feeling a little stressed, would love to hear some opinions on this. Thanks.

8 months ago

Absolutely, it's still possible to get recruited during senior year – don't fret just yet! Most college coaches do begin looking at prospects earlier, often in their junior year or even as sophomores, but recruitment can and does happen during senior year, especially for late bloomers or those who have had significant improvements in their performances recently.

Moreover, certain sports or divisions may still have open roster spots, and coaches need to fill those positions. Keep in touch with coaches, share recent statistics or video highlights, and demonstrate strong interest in the programs to show that you're actively engaged in the recruiting process. Remember to keep your grades up, too, because academic performance can play a role in your attractiveness as a recruit.

Now is also a prime time to attend any last-minute showcase events or camps where coaches will be present. This exposure can be critical. Keep those lines of communication open, remain proactive, and maintain your athletic and academic regimen. Even late in the game, opportunities can arise!

8 months ago

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