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Looking for colleges with a feel like Stonehill?

Stonehill College initially attracted me with its close community vibes and emphasis on social justice, but I feel like I should have a couple more options. Any leads on small to medium-sized colleges that emphasize making a difference and community engagement?

8 months ago

It's wonderful to hear that you are drawn to colleges with close-knit communities and a focus on social justice! There are several institutions that come to mind which encapsulate a similar ethos to Stonehill College. Have you looked into Providence College in Rhode Island? Despite its slightly larger size, it promotes a sense of community and has a strong commitment to service. Another college you might consider is Loyola University Chicago, which, while larger, has a well-established reputation for social justice and volunteerism.

On the smaller side, Goucher College in Maryland could be appealing to you due to its innovative curriculum with a global perspective and an emphasis on community involvement. Similarly, Juniata College in Pennsylvania prides itself on personalized learning and community service. Each of these options offers a unique approach to education, with a common thread of community and outreach. Remember, visiting campuses, if possible, and talking to current students can provide you with a real sense of each college's atmosphere. Keep in mind application strategies such as Early Decision or Early Action if any of these options strike you as a perfect fit; demonstrating interest can be a favorable factor in your application process. Good luck in your search, and I hope this helps you expand your list!

8 months ago

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