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Top Art Colleges in the US

Hi folks, I'm set on doing art in college but I'm not sure where to start looking. There are so many options! Can anyone recommend good art colleges in America where I could thrive and expand my portfolio?

12 days ago

Absolutely! Starting with the top-tier art-specific schools, RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and the Pratt Institute are typically considered the best. RISD has a diverse set of programs, and the Pratt Institute, though located in New York City like several other arts colleges, offers a campus environment which many students find attractive.

As well, if you're interested in branching out to more comprehensive universities with strong art programs, UCLA and the University of Southern California both have nationally renowned programs. They offer the opportunity to immerse in a larger college environment while still focusing on your art.

Of course, the California Institute of the Arts (also known as CalArts) is another excellent option. Known for its animation program, it's produced numerous notable alumni in the arts.

Remember, your choice should also depend on what kind of art you're interested in. Different schools have different specialties, so it's worth researching more into the courses and facilities each college offers to see if their strengths align with your interests. Don't forget to check out portfolio requirements as well for these schools, since your portfolio will be a crucial part of your application. Good luck with your college search!

12 days ago

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