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Acceptance Rate at University of Wisconsin?

Hello, I am a high school junior looking at applying to University of Wisconsin next year. Does anyone know their acceptance rate or what they look for in applicants? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

5 days ago

The University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW Madison) had an acceptance rate of about 49% for the 2024-2025 application cycle. However, acceptance rates can fluctuate each year based on the applicant pool, so it's good to bear in mind that statistics can change.

In applications, UW Madison places a heavy emphasis on a strong academic performance. This includes your grades in rigorous high school courses and, if you include them, standardized test scores. Though UW Madison has a test-optional policy for the 2024-2025 application cycle, strong SAT or ACT scores can help bolster an application.

On the non-academic side, UW Madison values depth and leadership in extracurricular activities over a wide range of participation. They're seeking candidates who show potential to contribute positively to their community and demonstrate personal growth.

Moreover, the essays you submit for UW Madison should provide insight into your motivations, ambitions, and personality. Try to be as authentic as possible and be specific about how your interests align with what UW Madison offers.

Lastly, while not an official criteria, demonstrated interest (such as attending virtual info sessions or engaging in contact with the admissions office) could potentially give your application a slight edge. These efforts show your enthusiasm for the school, which can be a positive factor for schools such as UW Madison that aren't highly selective.

Keep in mind that college admissions can often be unpredictable and acceptance rates are just one part of the picture. Focus on submitting the strongest application you can and look into a range of colleges that fit your academic and personal needs. Good luck with your applications!

5 days ago

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