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What are the SAT examination fees?

I'm trying to budget for college application costs and I need to know what the current SAT exam fees are. I tried checking online, but I thought someone here might have a quicker answer. Thanks in advance!

12 days ago

As of the 2024-2025 test cycle, the registration fee for the SAT is $68. This includes both the Reading/Writing and Math sections.

Also be aware of costs that can accrue in relation to deadlines. There’s a $34 fee for late registration, and if you change your test center, date, or type after registering, there’s also an additional $29 fee per change.

In terms of sending score reports, the College Board allows you to send up to four free score reports to colleges if you select them at the time of registration or up to nine days after your test date. After that period, or for additional reports beyond the initial four, it costs $14 to send each score report.

Remember that these fees can add up quickly, especially if you decide to retake the test, so it's important to factor them into your budget when planning for college applications. If you need financial help, you might want to look into fee waivers, which are available for qualifying students.

12 days ago

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