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Does second semester of senior year matter?

I'm a little bit stressed about balancing my academics during the second semester of senior year. How important is your performance in the second semester to colleges? Should I be worried about senioritis affecting my admissions results?

8 months ago

Definitely continue to give it your all during your second semester! Universities can request your final transcript, and a significant drop in grades could potentially lead to a rescinded offer, especially if you've been admitted under the condition of maintaining your academic performance. It's more common than you might think. My own child, who's now in college, had friends who faced stressful situations because they let their grades slip during that infamous senior slide. However, as long as you're passing your classes and not drastically deviating from your previous academic standard, you should be okay.

You should also consider that your second semester is not just about keeping colleges happy. It's about your personal standards and preparing for the rigor of college courses. Senior year is a great time to build study habits and time management skills that will serve you well in your upcoming college years. While it's natural to feel a bit of senioritis, try to find a balance—you certainly deserve to enjoy your last months of high school, but keep an eye on the future and the importance of ending strong. You've worked hard to get to this point, so don't let up now when the finish line is in sight!

8 months ago

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