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AP History DBQ Examples

Hi there, people! I'm currently taking AP History. I was wondering if anyone has some good DBQ examples they could recommend? I'm trying to get better at writing them and seeing successful responses would really help me understand what graders are looking for.

14 days ago

Sure thing! One of the best places for resources is the College Board's website itself. They usually have a number of old DBQ prompts along with sample responses, scoring guidelines, and grader commentary. Reading through these can be very helpful as it gives you an insight into what the exam graders are really looking for in responses. It's also helpful to see how these essays are scored and how the points are allocated.

Another method for getting better at DBQs is to time yourself while attempting previous prompts, and then self-grade using the scoring guidelines. Seeing where you lost points and then understanding why is a great way to improve your skills. Remember, good DBQ responses need to do more than just answer the prompt—they need to provide solid analysis and contextualization.

Finally, consider asking your AP History teacher if they could provide some student examples from previous years. This will give you the chance to see how other students have handled these essays, and your teacher may be able to provide further feedback on which techniques work well. Remember to focus on the quality of your argument and analysis just as much as you focus on following the general DBQ structure.

14 days ago

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