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Colleges with No Application Fee?

The application fees have been hitting my pocket a little too hard. Are there any colleges you guys know of that don't require an application fee?

14 days ago

There are many colleges that do not require an application fee. While many of them might not be the usual suspects of highly-selective schools, they still offer quality education programs and could present as great options for you. Here are a few examples and their respective regions:

- Midwest: University of St Francis (Illinois), Carleton College (Minnesota)

- Northeast: Smith College (Massachusetts), United States Merchant Marine Academy (New York)

- South: Tulane University (Louisiana)

- West: Reed College (Oregon), Lewis & Clark College (Oregon)

In addition to these colleges, there are also application fee waivers available for students going through financial hardship. This can be obtained by talking to your guidance counselor and seeing if you meet the requirements for the College Board or NACAC fee waiver.

Finally, keep an eye out for particular application periods or promotions where colleges might offer a temporary waiver of the application fee. These are typically advertised on the school's admissions website or sent through emails.

So while application fees might seem to add up, there are several avenues available to help ease the financial burden.

14 days ago

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