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What's the Admit Rate for Georgia Tech?

Hey guys! I'm in my junior year and I've been researching a bunch of schools. One that's been really grabbing my attention is Georgia Tech. I'm just curious, does anyone know what the admit rate for Georgia Tech is? This would really help me assess my chances. Thanks!

4 days ago

Hi there! As of the most recent data available, Georgia Tech's acceptance rate is around 16.5% as per their 2023 admissions cycle. Please note that this percentage can shift slightly each year based on the applicant pool, so you may want to check their official website for the most up-to-date information when you're submitting your application.

Assessing your chances also involves looking at factors beyond the acceptance rate. Look at the average test scores, GPA, and raw academic achievements of accepted students as well. Remember, colleges are also interested in your extracurricular activities; doing something you love at a higher level gives you a "spike" which can make you stand out. In addition, getting to know the specific values and culture of Georgia Tech can help you tailor your application to demonstrate how you could be a good fit for their community.

Best of luck with your application!

4 days ago

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