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ACT Math Review Materials

Hi guys, I'm starting to study for the ACT and I really need to focus on the math section. Do you have any solid math review materials you'd recommend to prepare for the test?

14 days ago

Sure, there are quite a few resources out there that offer excellent review material for the ACT Math section.

One option is the ACT Prep Guide from the ACT organization. It covers all subjects, not just math, but includes multiple full-length practice tests, allowing you a focused, in-depth review. This can be particularly beneficial, as the questions and format are created by the same people who make the actual test.

Another good resource is Khan Academy. While they don't have ACT-specific prep, they offer high-quality math lessons that align closely with the concepts tested on the ACT. You could use the ACT's official breakdown of math topics to guide your use of Khan's content.

Finally, you might want to check out CollegeVine's study guides. They're free to access and the guides provide a thorough review of the ACT Math content, along with strategies and practice questions for each topic.

However, remember that using a wide range of resources might lead to occasional inconsistencies, as not all ACT prep materials perfectly match the actual ACT in terms of question difficulty and topic distribution. So it's important to regularly do full-length, ideally-official, ACT practice tests under test-like conditions to evaluate your progress.

Practice and review are essential, but don't forget to also address any conceptual difficulties you may have. ACT math often tests less content than SAT Math, but can go deeper into the topics it does cover. You might find that focusing on understanding and math fluency, rather than memorizing procedures and tricks, will put you on the right track! Good luck with your ACT preparation!

14 days ago

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