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SAT Duration without Essay

Hey everyone, I've decided to take the SAT without the essay section and I was curious about how long the test usually lasts without it. Can anyone help me out?

7 days ago

The SAT, as of spring 2024 when it changed to a fully digital format, is structured in four segments—two for Reading and Writing and two for Math. Each segment lasts for 32 minutes for the Reading and Writing portions and 35 minutes for the Math portions. Therefore, the total test duration is 134 minutes, excluding any breaks. There is no longer an essay option.

Remember that, unlike on the old paper-based SAT, the digital SAT does not have a no-calculator math segment, so you'll be able to use a calculator throughout the entire math portion.

Good luck with your studies! You might find the Bluebook™ app useful as it allows you to preview the digital SAT format and take a full-length practice test.

7 days ago

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