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Harvard or MIT? Comparison and Tips

I'm starting to narrow down my college dreams, and I've got my sights on two powerhouses: Harvard and MIT. Can anyone share some details on their differences? Like, their individual vibes, academic intensity, or opportunities worth considering? Any insights would be sweeter than mocha ice-cream!

14 days ago

Absolutely, both MIT and Harvard are phenomenal institutions and offer unparalleled academic opportunities. Now onto the comparison part. Let's break it down.

Academic Atmosphere:

MIT is often known for its strong emphasis on STEM courses. It's a great hub for those who love to tinker, experiment, and innovate. It's not uncommon to see students work on challenging projects all night in the labs! If you're passionate about pushing the boundaries of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics - it's a dream come true.

Harvard, on the other hand, is renowned for not only its excellent STEM courses but also for its strong humanities and social sciences programs. If you're equally keen on delving into humanities or if you're unsure about your academic interests, Harvard's breadth might give you more options to explore.

Campus Culture:

Culturally, MIT students often pride themselves on a culture of collaboration and practical problem-solving, which is encapsulated in the popular phrase: "IHTFP (It's Hard To Fondly Ponder)" – it's important to note, though, that students often use this phrase affectionately to describe the intense, yet deeply rewarding, academic atmosphere!

Harvard, with its house system and strong tradition, often has a more formal atmosphere, with a mix of pre-professional and academic focuses. Many students describe a strong sense of community and tradition within their residential houses.


Both schools are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a vibrant city filled with countless academic and cultural opportunities. Students at both institutions often cross-register for classes at the other, and you'll have access to resources and networks from both schools no matter where you end up.

In terms of job opportunities, both schools have strong career offices and host numerous recruiting events. Expect to see top-tier companies from every industry, as well as start-ups and non-profits recruiting on campus.

In short, you can't really make a wrong choice here. It's about what environment you'll thrive in and what you're looking for in your college experience. Whichever choice you make, you'll be attending one of the best institutions in the world! Good luck making this delicious decision. And remember, just like choosing between flavors of ice-cream, everyone has their own taste.

14 days ago

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