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What does going 'pre-med' mean?

Hi everyone! I've been thinking a lot about my career path, and I'm interested in medicine. I hear a lot about being 'pre-med' in college. Can someone break down what that involves? Like, what kind of courses should I focus on in college, and how does it prepare me for med school?

12 days ago

Pre-med is an academic track that students pursue in college to fulfill the prerequisites for medical school. It's important to note that 'pre-med' is not a major; instead, it refers to a sequence of courses that are required for application to medical schools.

A typical pre-med course load includes fundamental science classes, such as Biology, Chemistry (both General and Organic), Physics, and Biochemistry. These are the foundation for what you'll be learning in medical school and will also be heavily tested on the MCAT, the standardized test required for medical school admission.

It's also common for pre-med students to take mathematics courses, such as Statistics or Calculus, and English or Writing classes. Essentially, these courses build upon the analytical and communication skills necessary for a career in medicine.

Along with these academic requirements, medical schools often look for students with experience in the healthcare field. Hence, pre-med students typically engage in extracurricular activities related to medicine. These can include shadowing doctors, volunteering in a healthcare setting, conducting medical or scientific research, or joining a pre-med club or organization.

It's worth noting that while you need to take certain courses to meet medical school requirements, you can major in any field of study. Many pre-med students do choose a science-related major because there is a lot of overlap with the required courses, but it is not uncommon for medical schools to admit students who have majored in humanities or social sciences. These students bring a unique perspective and can illustrate their ability to excel in rigorous science courses through their pre-med coursework.

In essence, being pre-med is about preparing for medical school—academically through specific courses, professionally through related experiences, and personally by confirming that a career in healthcare is the right fit for you.

12 days ago

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