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What's the scoop on Central Michigan University's acceptance rate?

Hey guys, I've been eyeing Central Michigan University lately. Have been around here reading the posts and I'm finally reaching out. Do any of you know what the current acceptance rate at CMU is? Open to DMs as well, just really curious about my chances.

13 days ago

Central Michigan University, often abbreviated as CMU, is a less selective institution, enabling a large number of aspiring students to take advantage of the opportunities it offers. According to the most recent data, the acceptance rate at CMU is approximately 79%.

However, even though the acceptance rate is relatively high, keep in mind that an acceptance rate doesn't tell the whole story. CMU, like all universities, still has requirements and expectations for its applicants. Factors like your academic performance (GPA), the rigor of your high school curriculum, your extracurricular involvement, and your personal essays can all play a noteworthy role in your admission decision.

Remember, every applicant is unique, so it's crucial to consider how your individual profile aligns with what the university is looking for. It's recommended to examine the academic profile of previously admitted students to get a sense of where you might fall in the applicant pool. It can be advantageous to look at median SAT/ACT scores and high school GPAs of admitted students, in conjunction with the acceptance rate, to grasp a more holistic view of the admission landscape at CMU.

13 days ago

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