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Brainstorming ideas for the IB Extended Essay

Any IB students or alums out there who have some tips or ideas to help me brainstorm topics for my essay when I start writing it? I potentially want to major in psychology if that helps. Also, what was your experience like writing it?

7 days ago

Hello! Don't worry, you've definitely got this. The Extended Essay is a great opportunity for you to explore a subject that particularly interests you, especially as you have a subject (psychology) in mind.

Here are some potential ideas you could consider:

1. Exploring the role of cognitive styles on learning processes.

2. The psychological impact of cyberbullying.

3. The influence of advertising on consumer behavior.

4. The psychological effects of long-term isolation.

These are just a few! Think of an area of psychology that fascinates you, then try to narrow it down to a specific question that allows multiple viewpoints.

In regards to the writing process, it can be arduous yet rewarding. Here are some tips from what I've gathered from students:

1. Start Early: The sooner you nail down your topic and start researching, the better.

2. Stay Organized: Keep track of the sources you use as you go along to save time later.

3. Regular Check-Ins with Advisor: Regular interaction with your advisor is key. They can offer invaluable guidance and feedback.

Remember, it's crucial to maintain a consistent work schedule rather than leave it to the last minute. Also, the Extended Essay can be a fantastic point to discuss in a college application essay or an interview.

You're embarking on what can be an incredibly fulfilling academic journey, and it's often the in-depth research and the acquired insights that students find most enjoyable. Good luck!

7 days ago

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