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Complete List of AP Tests: Any Leads?

Hey folks. I'm looking to challenge myself with some more AP tests. Anybody got a comprehensive list or something similar? Much appreciated.

7 days ago

Sure, I can help with that! Here's a list of all current AP (Advanced Placement) courses and their associated exams. These are:

1. AP Research

2. AP Seminar

3. AP Art History

4. AP Music Theory

5. AP Studio Art: 2-D Design

6. AP Studio Art: 3-D Design

7. AP Studio Art: Drawing

8. AP English Language and Composition

9. AP English Literature and Composition

10. AP Comparative Government and Politics

11. AP European History

12. AP Human Geography

13. AP Macroeconomics

14. AP Microeconomics

15. AP Psychology

16. AP United States Government and Politics

17. AP United States History

18. AP World History: Modern

19. AP Calculus AB

20. AP Calculus BC

21. AP Computer Science A

22. AP Computer Science Principles

23. AP Statistics

24. AP Biology

25. AP Chemistry

26. AP Environmental Science

27. AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

28. AP Physics C: Mechanics

29. AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based

30. AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based

31. AP Chinese Language and Culture

32. AP French Language and Culture

33. AP German Language and Culture

34. AP Italian Language and Culture

35. AP Japanese Language and Culture

36. AP Latin

37. AP Spanish Language and Culture

38. AP Spanish Literature and Culture

Remember, it's great to challenge yourself, but it's also important to balance your course load with your other commitments. Quality over quantity is key here. Try to choose courses that align with your interests and future plans. It's also worth noting that the number of AP courses you take can sometimes matter less to colleges than how you perform in them and how they fit into your overall academic narrative. Good luck planning your course load!

7 days ago

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