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Do colleges appreciate academic improvement over time?

Feeling a bit anxious here. I didn't do so hot during my freshman year, but I've been improving ever since. Do colleges consider how much you improve, or do they just look at your overall GPA? How can I highlight this progression in my application?

8 months ago

Absolutely, colleges do take notice of an upward academic trend, so kudos to you for that hard work! Admissions committees are aware that students grow and mature at different rates, and improvement over time can be an indicator of grit and determination—qualities that schools value highly. To highlight this progression, you can mention it in your essays.

Just be careful, there are some prompts (like the common 'overcoming challenges' prompt) that students often write this kind of response to. Your improvement is important, but it's also essential that you write essays that are unique and can make you stand out.

Additionally, your counselor's recommendation letter can be a great place to underscore your academic improvement if they have noticed and are impressed by your perseverance and growth. Keep up the great effort, and make sure this positive trend is communicated in your application!

8 months ago

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