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Test-Optional Admission: Is Syracuse in?

I know a lot of colleges moved to test-optional admission this year due to the pandemic, but does anyone know if Syracuse University is part of that list? I have decent grades and extracurriculars, but my test scores, not so much. So, is Syracuse test optional for this coming application cycle?

11 days ago

Yes, for the 2024-2025 application cycle, Syracuse University is indeed offering test-optional admissions. This means you have the option to submit your SAT or ACT scores if you think they accurately represent your abilities and are a strong part of your application, but you won't be penalized if you choose not to submit them.

Remember, the decision to go test-optional allows universities to take an even more holistic view of an applicant's profile. With test scores potentially out of the equation, there will be an added emphasis on aspects like your GPA, your coursework, your essays, and your extra-curricular activities. Be sure to showcase your abilities and experiences effectively in these other areas of your application. Good luck!

11 days ago

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