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What colleges are similar to George Washington University?

Looking for colleges that have the same political and international vibe as GWU. I'm super into politics and want to be in a city where there's lots of that going on. Schools with great internships opportunities in government or political science are what I’m looking for!

8 months ago

Hello! Based on your interest in politics and international relations, similar schools to George Washington University (GWU) with a strong political atmosphere and urban setting include Georgetown University, American University, and Howard University, all of which are also located in Washington, D.C. In addition, you might want to consider Columbia University and New York University, which are situated in New York City, another hub for political activity, and offer robust internship opportunities. Furthermore, on the West Coast, the University of California, Berkeley, is known for its political activism and proximity to San Francisco, a politically active urban area.

When looking at these schools, it's important to visit their political science departments' websites to learn more about internship programs and connections to government agencies or NGOs. Attending college in a city with a strong political pulse will provide you with numerous opportunities to engage in internships and networking, greatly enriching your educational experience.

8 months ago

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