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What happens if you reject Early Decision?

Hey, everyone! I'm planning to apply to college under Early Decision, but I'm kind of concerned about the possibility of being stuck. Would there be any consequences if I got accepted through ED but decided not to attend that college afterwards? I appreciate any insight!

8 months ago

When you apply Early Decision (ED), you're entering a binding agreement that states you will attend that college if accepted and can afford it. Rejecting an ED offer isn't like turning down a regular admission—it's a serious commitment you're backing out of. The repercussions can differ depending on the school, but generally, your reputation can be significantly affected, potentially impacting any Regular Decision applications.

Other schools might be notified, and it could jeopardize your chances with them as well—the admissions world is a small one, after all. There's an ethical component too, and it's expected that you should only back out if there's an unexpected and significant change in circumstances, especially around financial ability to attend. I strongly advise you to only go ED if you're sure the school is your top choice and the financial aspect is clear to you.

8 months ago

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