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What's the typical admitted student profile for Olin College?

Olin College has such a unique approach to engineering education, and I'm curious about what kind of students they admit. Does anyone know what the average GPA, test scores, or extracurriculars are for students who get into Olin? Just trying to see if I'd be a good fit there.

8 months ago

Olin students typically have strong academic records, with a majority having a GPA in the 3.5 to 4.0 range. As for standardized test scores, while Olin is still test-optional for the moment in the wake of the pandemic, historically admitted students often presented scores in the 90th percentile or higher. That would mean SAT scores generally above 1400 and ACT scores over 30. Although testing is not required right now, a score in that range would certainly help your application.

In terms of extracurriculars, involvement in STEM activities, like robotics clubs, science fairs, or research projects can be particularly appealing to Olin's admissions team. They are looking for students who have a genuine passion for engineering and have demonstrated initiative in their pursuits, and showing that you're interested in STEM outside of the classroom as well can help prove to them that you fit thee bill. Leadership roles and innovative projects are even bigger plusses. I hope this helps give you a clearer picture of what Olin might be looking for!

8 months ago

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