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What extracurriculars are colleges looking for?

Hey guys! I'm trying to plan out my junior year and I'm wondering about extracurriculars. I’ve heard that colleges like to see you're involved, but what kind of activities do they value most? Is it leadership, community service, or something else?

8 months ago

That's a terrific question! It's great that you're thinking ahead to plan your junior year. The truth is, colleges appreciate a variety of extracurriculars. They want to see commitment and passion more than any one particular activity, or set of activities. In other words, it's not so much about which activity you choose, but how deeply you're involved and what impact you have. Leadership roles do stand out because they show responsibility, initiative, and the ability to work with others. Community service also shines as an indication of your altruism and connection to your community, but other activities can help illustrate other valuable qualities as well. Playing varsity sports, for example, shows perseverance and teamwork.

Because quality trumps quantity, rather than signing up for every possible club or team, focus on a few activities that genuinely interest you and that will allow you to take on a leadership role, or make a significant contribution in some other way. For example, if you love art, consider not just joining the art club, but also organizing an exhibition or teaching free classes to younger students.

Admissions committees are looking for authenticity and excellence in what you love, not a pre-packaged set of activities. So, dive deep into what interests you and let your strengths come through naturally. I hope this helps!

8 months ago

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