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Can anyone share what Swarthmore’s accepted student profiles generally include?

What's up everyone, I'm currently a high school junior and kind of freaking out about my college list. I do know Swarthmore’s one of my top choices, though – does anyone know what academic stats, extracurricular involvement, etc., most of Swarthmore’s admitted students have? Basically anything to help me see what I’m getting into would be super helpful!

8 months ago

Hey there! While Swarthmore is a selective school, they don't publish a strict 'profile' for admitted students. That being said, general trends do emerge. Academically, admitted students often have both strong GPAs and a rigorous course schedule including AP, IB or honors classes. While Swarthmore is still test-optional in the wake of the pandemic, a strong test score can help bolster your academic profile. On the SAT, you'll want to shoot for at least a 1400, and on the ACT, you'll want a score in the low 30s at least.

In terms of extracurriculars, Swarthmore prefers students who demonstrate deep engagement and leadership in a few activities, rather than those with a long list of shallow involvements. They're interested in applicants who have made a significant impact in their chosen activities, whether that’s through leadership roles, advancing to state/national levels in competitions, or initiating projects that benefit their community. If you can, try to develop your interests in a way that shows both dedication and achievement.

If your academic or extracurricular profile isn't quite as strong as you would like, excellent essays can help showcase your personality, and why you would be an asset to Swarthmore's community. Even if you are academically and extracurricularly strong, you'll still want your essays to be strong, to set you apart from other talented, qualified applicants.

Best of luck!

8 months ago

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