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GPA range for Georgia Tech - What do they look for?

Alright, so I'm super into STEM and Georgia Tech is at the top of my list. Can someone help me figure out what GPA range they consider competitive for applicants? Would be great to get a sense of where I stand. Thanks fam!

8 months ago

Hey there, it's great that you're setting your sights on a competitive school like Georgia Tech! When it comes to GPA, Georgia Tech typically looks for students who are at the top of their class. The middle 50% of admitted students in recent years had high school GPAs ranging from 3.9 to 4.0 on an unweighted scale, so aiming for a GPA within or above that range would definitely position you well.

However, keep in mind that Georgia Tech will also consider the rigor of your coursework. So, if you have a slightly lower unweighted GPA but have taken challenging courses, like Honors, AP, or IB classes, and done well, that's seen positively. Always strive for the best GPA possible, but don't forget to challenge yourself with those tough courses, too.

Stay motivated, and if you're not quite in that range, remember that improvement over time also counts. An upward trend can show resilience and dedication, and your performance later in high school is more indicative of the kind of student you'll be in college. So keep working hard, and best of luck with your application to Georgia Tech!

8 months ago

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