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Harvard's GPA Expectations - Unspoken Truths?

Does anyone know what kind of GPA Harvard usually expects? I know there's no 'official' cutoff but there's gotta be a range most admits fall into, right? How much can strong test scores or extracurriculars compensate if my GPA's not in that range?

8 months ago

Absolutely, there is generally an unwritten standard when it comes to highly selective schools like Harvard. Most admitted students tend to have GPAs at the top of their class - often 4.0 unweighted, or very close to it. If you've taken an exceptionally rigorous course schedule, Harvard will pay attention to that, but your GPA should still be above a 3.7 at least.

While strong test scores and extracurriculars won't fully compensate for a low GPA, they can bolster your application by demonstrating your other talents, especially if your achievements in these areas are exceptional. For example, if your standardized test scores are in the 99th percentile, or if you've achieved something significant in your extracurricular activities like winning a national competition or spearheading a fundraiser that collected a huge amount of money for a cause that matters to you, these can catch a Harvard admissions officer's eye.

To summarize, it’s always best to strive for the highest GPA possible, but if it's a tad lower than Harvard's usual range, outstanding achievements in other areas can be compelling.

8 months ago

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