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How high does my GPA need to be for a competitive Harvard application?

Hey everyone, as a junior starting to eye some Ivies, I’m kinda stressing about my GPA. For those who've gotten into Harvard or know the stats, what kind of GPA are they looking for, weighted and unweighted? How much does an upward trend in grades help if my earlier years were a bit rocky?

8 months ago

Hey there, the anxiety around GPAs and Ivy League schools like Harvard is pretty common, but I'm here to give you some straightforward info. Harvard doesn't have a minimum GPA requirement, but the majority of admitted students have near flawless unweighted GPAs. To be competitive, you should aim for a 4.0 unweighted GPA, or very close to it.

However, if your GPA is not perfect, don't lose hope. Harvard does look at the rigor of your coursework and improvements over time. An upward trend is definitely favorable because it shows growth and resilience—qualities that top colleges appreciate. For example, a student who started off with a 3.5 freshman year but consistently improved to straight A's by junior year would be seen in a positive light.

Remember that your GPA is just one component of your application. Strong standardized test scores, outstanding extracurriculars, and powerful personal essays can bolster your application significantly. Still, strive for the highest GPA possible while challenging yourself with the rigor of your courses.

8 months ago

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