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What does the incoming class for Princeton usually look like?

I've heard Princeton's admission process is holistic, but I'm still curious about the stats and extracurriculars for the typical accepted student. It’d really help me to see if I have what it takes or if I need to up my game before I apply!

8 months ago

Greetings! I understand your curiosity about the profile of a typical Princeton admit. The admitted students to Princeton generally have exceptional academic records, including a high GPA—often at or near the top of their class—and robust standardized test scores with SATs usually in the range of 1460-1570 or ACTs between 33-35.

However, Princeton, like many Ivy League schools, also values a well-rounded applicant. Students admitted to Princeton often exhibit significant involvement and leadership in their extracurricular activities, which could range from community service to athletics, the arts, or research. These activities should not only be long-term commitments, but should also reflect a passion and dedication, often with some level of distinction or accomplishment.

If you're considering applying to Princeton, strive for excellence in your academics, but also engage deeply in activities that you're passionate about. Being able to demonstrate the impact of your endeavors, whether through leadership positions or tangible achievements, can be as important as your academic performance. Best of luck!

8 months ago

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