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Summer Program Selection: What's Impressive?

Hi everyone! Junior year is coming to a close and I need to pick my summer activities. I've heard that colleges look favorably upon certain activities, but what do those typically include? Would they rather see internships, community service, or academic programs? I want to make the most of my summer but I'm just not sure where to focus my energy.

8 months ago

It's wonderful to hear that you're planning your summer with intention! Colleges appreciate when students engage in activities that align with their interests and future goals. If your passions lie in a prospective major or career path, a related internship could provide valuable hands-on experience. Academic programs, especially those at colleges, can challenge you intellectually and demonstrate your commitment to learning.

On the other hand, community service is a great way to develop empathy, leadership, and show colleges that you're committed to making a difference. Keep in mind that depth is more impactful than breadth. For example, a student who spends the summer conducting independent research related to their intended major and presents their findings will stand out more than someone who briefly dabbles in a bunch of unrelated activities. Choose something that excites you and you can commit to—this genuine interest will shine through in your applications!

8 months ago

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