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What do colleges similar to Boston College look for in applicants?

BC's been on my mind lately, it's got the vibe I'm looking for. Can anyone share insights on what colleges with a similar feel to Boston College are looking for in their applicants? I'm talking extracurriculars, test scores, or certain types of classes.

8 months ago

Hey there! So my kid went through this process not too long ago, and we found that schools similar to Boston College—a lot of them being mid to upper-tier private universities—place considerable emphasis on well-rounded extracurriculars. They're looking for commitment and leadership, not just participation. For example, my daughter was captain of her soccer team and that showed consistent dedication.

On the academic side, rigorous classes like AP or IB certainly catch their eye, especially if you do well in them. And don't forget the SAT or ACT scores. Although test-optional policies are more common now, a strong score can definitely help. My child's tutor suggested aiming for at least the 75th percentile of the school's admitted student profile to be competitive.

Lastly, having a particular angle or story that connects your activities and interests can really help make your application stand out. It's about packaging everything into a compelling narrative that showcases who you are beyond just your achievements. Good luck with it all!

8 months ago

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