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How do you cope with feelings of failure during college applications?

Okay, not gonna lie, the whole process of applying to college is getting to me. Sometimes, I just feel like nothing I’ve done is good enough. What do you guys do when you start feeling like a failure in the middle of all the college admission chaos?

8 months ago

I completely understand how stressful and overwhelming the college admissions process can feel. It’s perfectly normal to have moments where you doubt yourself, but remember that this process doesn't define your worth or your future success.

One thing I often suggest is taking a step back and focusing on self-care. Whether it's going for a walk, listening to music or spending time with friends, it's important to make time for activities that help you relax and decompress. Recognizing that you're more than just your college application is crucial.

Another strategy I recommend is reaching out and speaking to someone you trust about how you're feeling. Sometimes just vocalizing these feelings of doubt can make them feel less overwhelming. Additionally, keeping things in perspective by reminding yourself of your accomplishments so far – both academic and personal – can help bolster your confidence. You've come a long way, and no matter the outcome of your applications, you have a lot to be proud of!

8 months ago

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