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UMD GPA requirements for high school students?

As I'm prepping my application, I can't help wondering about the GPA that the University of Maryland expects from its incoming freshmen. Does anyone know what the average GPA is for recently admitted students to UMD, or what UMD is looking for specifically?

8 months ago

Understanding the GPA landscape for your target university can be both motivating and illuminating as you navigate your application process. The University of Maryland does not have a stated 'minimum' GPA for admission, as the admissions process takes into account many factors beyond your GPA. However, it does help to know where you stand relative to other applicants. The middle 50% of admitted students to UMD tend to have GPAs that range from about 4.0 to 4.3 on a weighted 4.0 scale. Students outside of this range are still admitted, but these figures give a benchmark for the competitive nature of the academic profiles they typically see. Remember, these numbers can fluctuate with each entering class, and your GPA is only one component of your application.

If your GPA is below this range, don't be discouraged. It's essential to highlight your strengths elsewhere in your application, like strong essays, extracurricular achievements, and letters of recommendation. It's also beneficial to demonstrate an upward trend in your grades or challenging coursework through honors, AP, or IB classes. As you continue to prepare your application, make sure to present a holistic picture of who you are and what you have accomplished!

8 months ago

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