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What are some colleges like Appalachian State focusing on natural environments and outdoor programs?

Hey everyone, I’m keen on Appalachian State because of their connection to the outdoors and their environmental programs. Could you suggest other colleges that have a similar vibe and are strong in these areas?

8 months ago

Hey there! It's always thrilling to hear about students who are eager to combine their academic pursuits with a passion for the outdoors. Appalachian State is indeed well-known for its environmental and outdoor programs. If you're looking for other schools with a similar vibe, you might want to check out University of Colorado Boulder, which offers a strong environmental science program and is located in a region known for outdoor recreation.

Another fantastic choice could be the University of Vermont, nestled in Burlington, which is known for both environmental studies and a vibrant outdoor community. And not too far away is Dartmouth College, home of the oldest outing club in the country, which has sub-clubs focused on activities like canoeing, climbing, mountain biking, and farming.

Don't overlook Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, either; it has a unique work-study program and a significant focus on sustainable practices. Lastly, consider Colorado College in Colorado Springs, which operates on a unique block plan that might allow for more immersive learning experiences, including fieldwork in environmental studies. Best of luck in finding a college that matches your outdoor spirit and academic goals!

8 months ago

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