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Is there a minimum GPA requirement for Cal Poly admissions?

I've been worried about my GPA recently. I just entered junior year and I’m thinking about engineering programs, with a particular interest in Cal Poly. Do they have a strict GPA cutoff? What's a safe GPA to aim for if I want to stand a good chance?

8 months ago

Understanding the anxiety around GPA for college admissions is quite common, especially when it's about competitive programs like engineering at Cal Poly. Cal Poly does not have an official minimum GPA requirement, but because of the strong applicant pool, a higher GPA will be beneficial. According to recent admissions stats, you should aim for a GPA of 4.0 or above to be competitive.

However, Cal Poly also considers the rigor of your coursework, so be sure to challenge yourself with honors or AP classes where you can. Keep up the good work in your junior year—it's the most important year for your college applications. Remember to balance rigorous courses with what you can handle in order to maintain a strong GPA. If you're taking particularly tough classes, it's better to get B's in those classes than A's in easier classes. Every bit of effort you put in now will help when you send your application to Cal Poly!

8 months ago

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