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Majors closely related to Math for someone interested in a broader field?

I've always been a numbers person, but pure math as a major seems a bit narrow for me. Are there majors out there that use math heavily but apply it to different areas? Maybe something that combines math with another discipline? Would love to hear about options that might give me a wider set of career opportunities while still focusing on my love for numbers.

8 months ago

Absolutely, there are several interdisciplinary majors that incorporate mathematics into other domains. For instance, consider Applied Mathematics, which often includes coursework in computer science, economics, and physical sciences, enabling you to apply mathematical theories to solve real-world problems. Another option is Actuarial Science, which is a great fit for someone who enjoys statistics and wants to forecast risk and uncertainty, primarily in the insurance and finance sectors.

Engineering is another broad field with math at its core, whether you choose civil, mechanical, or electrical engineering. You might also explore majors like Computational Biology or Bioinformatics if you're drawn to life sciences but want a quantitative emphasis. Data Science is a rapidly growing field where statistical and computational skills are used to extract insights from large datasets.

Lastly, Economics or Financial Mathematics might be appealing if you're interested in how math is used to understand market trends and financial principles. Each of these majors offers a unique way to leverage your passion for math across various industries. Look for programs that allow you to tailor your coursework to your interests and that offer co-op or internship opportunities that provide practical experience.

8 months ago

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