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What are the typical profiles of Ivy League admits?

I’m really aiming for the stars here and considering applying to several Ivies. I know it's super competitive, so I'm curious, what do Accepted Ivy League students typically have under their belt? High GPAs? High test scores? Specific types of leadership or service? Would love to get some insight on this.

8 months ago

It's fantastic that you're setting your sights on the Ivies! Typically, accepted students have top-notch academics, which means a very high unweighted GPA—usually close to or at 4.0—and strong standardized test scores; think 98th percentile and above (1500+ on the SAT or 34+ on the ACT). Apart from numbers, these schools look for students who have shown exceptional leadership and involvement, whether that's founding a club, leading a community service initiative, or making significant contributions to research or the arts.

Keep in mind that each Ivy League institution values unique qualities, so what might be a standout candidate for Harvard may not be the same for Princeton, but overall, they're looking for well-rounded students who have depth in their passions. For example, a student who’s not only president of the debate team, but who also initiated and led a community-wide oratory contest, would catch their eye. Best of luck, and remember, every application is a holistic evaluation of your accomplishments and potential!

8 months ago

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