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What's the GPA cutoff for admission to USC?

Hey everyone! I'm aiming for USC and kinda stressing a bit about whether my GPA is competitive enough. Does USC have an actual minimum GPA requirement for applicants, or is it more about the overall application? Also, does anyone know the average admitted student's GPA? Thanks!

8 months ago

USC does not have an official minimum GPA requirement for applicants. That being said, GPA is a significant factor in the admissions process, as it's reflective of your academic performance over a period of time. To be competitive, you should aim for a high GPA, preferably above 3.7 on an unweighted scale, since the average admitted student's GPA is often in that range or higher.

However, keep in mind that USC does take into account the difficulty of your coursework, so if you're taking AP or IB courses, that's factored into the evaluation of your GPA. Keep focusing on maintaining or improving your grades, as this is one of the most controllable aspects of your application at this stage.

8 months ago

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