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Chasing UC Davis: How does my GPA stack up?

Hey guys, UC Davis is my dream school and I'm trying to figure out if my GPA cuts it. What GPA does UC Davis typically expect from incoming freshmen?

8 months ago

Hello there! It's great to hear you're aiming for UC Davis. The average GPA of admitted students can be quite high. UC Davis typically looks for a GPA of 4.00-4.26, which indicates strength in taking challenging courses and excelling in them. However, UC Davis also assesses applications through a comprehensive review process, so your GPA is just one part of your application.

If your GPA is within or near this range, you're on a good track! Keep up the hard work and remember to also focus on other aspects of your application like your essays, extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation. Also, check with your high school counselor to see if your GPA is weighted or unweighted and how it aligns with UC Davis's expectations. Good luck!

8 months ago

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