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What's the realistic GPA needed for Columbia University?

I've been dreaming of Columbia for the longest time, and I know it's super competitive. Does anybody have an idea about what kind of GPA Columbia expects? Should I be aiming for a perfect 4.0, or is there a little wiggle room?

8 months ago

While Columbia doesn't have an explicit minimum GPA requirement, the reality is that it's one of the most selective Ivy League schools. Generally speaking, the closer you are to a 4.0, the better. However, Columbia also takes into account the rigor of your coursework, so if your GPA isn't perfect, but you've taken challenging AP or IB classes, that's a significant factor in your favor. To give you some perspective, the middle 50% of admitted students' GPAs tend to be above a 3.7 unweighted.

Keep in mind that they're looking at the full package, so your essays, recommendations, and extracurriculars will also play a pivotal role in the admissions process. Simply put, while a higher GPA can improve your chances, it is not the sole determinant of admission. It's essential to excel in all areas of your application to make a strong case for yourself.

8 months ago

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